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Timeless Advice for DAM Productivity

Behavioral insights for creating less and winning more

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Want to get more value from your DAM? The most important thing is to know what you can actually control. A DAM is like a scaffold you build around your business—you can change the scaffold, but not the building.

You can nudge things, of course. You can run appeals up the chain of command, state your case before your managers, and catch people after the meeting for a quick word. Or you can skip the niceties and enforce strict validation rules within the DAM. But all that enforced change is gradual, and presumes that your designers and marketers won’t revolt.

So if all you can truly, completely change is the scaffold, it’s important to first understand the unique contours of your building. Only then can you assemble something that sticks.

Hello and welcome to our guide on timeless advice for DAM productivity. We call it “timeless” because this isn’t just a guide to the buttons and dials available—it’s a manual rooted in decades of psychological and organizational behavior research for building systems that work. If you want the best performance from your DAM, you have to build it for your unique people and organization. And that means getting inside everyone else’s head.

But wait. What is DAM productivity?

To achieve it, you must first define it.

Download the PDF

Direct value

e.g. “Our marketing team runs 25% more campaigns, publishes final assets one-third the time, requires half as many reviews, and uses 8% fewer agency hours.”

Indirect value

e.g. “The business’ ad budget goes 10% further and we spend 15% less on creative.”

Tangential value

e.g. “I received industry accolades that have fast-tracked my career.”

What does DAM value mean for you?

Take time now to write it down!