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Tenovos Unveils Two New Extensions for Active Story Management Platform


New Functionality Empowers Marketers to More Effectively Manage Content Rights and Streamline Secure Content Sharing with External Partners

New YorkSeptember 1, 2021 – Tenovos, the modern, data-first Digital Asset Management (DAM) provider helping brands tell stories that matter, today announced the availability of Story Rights and Story Boards – two new extensions for its Active Story Management (ASM)™ platform. The extensions help marketers save time and money by empowering them to effectively manage content rights and streamline content sharing with external partners and agencies.

“Innovation is a key pillar in our ongoing strategy and we continue to iterate on our platform to offer more value to our users,” said D. Scott Bowen, CEO of Tenovos. “These new extensions are a direct reflection of evolving market needs that we see from our growing customer base.” 

Available today to all current and future Tenovos users, Story Rights and Story Boards are designed to create immediate efficiencies that directly benefit a brand’s bottom line. Story Rights provides readily-available visibility into the usage rights of digital assets which can eliminate money wasted on duplicate assets and/or costly rights violations. Users of the Story Rights extension will be able to:

  • Access usage rights instantly — no searching through email threads with creators
  • Request access with an easy form that streamlines the approval process
  • Get reminded when a license is about to expire and needs renewal or retirement
  • Evaluate the performance of a given asset against the cost of its acquisition

“With Story Rights, we’re really going beyond the reach of the traditional DAMs by supporting the entire asset lifecycle on a single, streamlined platform that keeps all relevant rights management details at your team’s fingertips, right where they need them to be,” Added Bowen. “By pairing critical rights and creation data with assets from the start, Story Rights enables all aspects of rights management and governance, including the tracking of agreements, creators, channel usage and locale.”

The Story Boards extension also creates value and reduces inefficiencies by helping marketers and asset managers quickly create personalized portals that can be shared with agencies, sales teams, clients or any external partner. Users can quickly and easily curate collections to guide partners to exactly the content they need while eliminating time wasted copying assets into redundant folders and sharing links.

“Story Boards was tailor-made for brands with a complex, dispersed content supply chain,” said Bowen. “When we architected this extension, we were specifically thinking about brands with distributed sales teams, a wide network of external partners or several external agencies. Brands invest an incredible amount in crafting and maintaining a consistent image. Story Boards helps ensure that little things like complicated folder structures and broken links won’t prevent valuable content assets from reaching the intended audience.”

For more information about Tenovos ASM or the new Story Rights and Story Boards extensions, please visit www.story.tenovos.com and follow the company on Twitter at @TenovosASM.


About Tenovos

Tenovos helps brands tell stories that matter. The company’s Active Story Management (ASM) platform and associated product lines transform the way brands connect with customers using stories that inform, inspire, connect and entertain. Consumer brands in CPG, retail, media & entertainment and food and beverage, use Tenovos’ technology to augment their content with intelligence that elevates content assets to stories using data and experience.

Tenovos is privately held and headquartered in New York City. For more information, please visit www.tenovos.com.

Tenovos, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Tenovos, Active Story Management (ASM) and their respective logos are trademarks of Tenovos, Inc. in the United States.

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